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Wetherbee Farm Equestrian Center is a first class training center dedicated to the breeding and development of horses and riding instruction for Combined Training Events.

We have been breeding Sport Horses since that represent different breeds and bloodlines which create an athletic horse with a great disposition. We typically have between 8 and 10 foals each year, and unless they are purchased as youngsters they will remain on the farm being prepared by our talented staff to enter the eventing arena as 4-6 year olds. Our program is a unique in that it provides new owners with the complete knowledge of the horses’ histories which many horse owners never receive from others.

Rondi Keaney is in charge of the breeding, foaling, nutrition, and health care. Rondi Keaney, Ann Geoghegan, and Alyssa Gagnon do the handling, round penning, long lining and three-year-old backing. At 3 to 5 the horses begin their consistent training schedule under Rondi.  

This method seems to be working as some of our first foals are now competing in combined training and doing well with Bruce Davidson, Randy Ward, Suzie Gornall and Ann Geoghegan. Tricia O'Connor has taken some into the hunter/jumper ring and has done very well there, and Anne Simpson has competed in the Hunter ring very successfully.

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